Stony Point Christian Church

10100 Stony Point Road
Charlestown, Indiana

A going Church for a coming Christ!



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Are you looking for a new Church Home?

Stony Point Christian Church has been a fixture in Charlestown, Indiana since its organization in 1798 as "Silver Creek Baptist Church".  This was 10 years before Charlestown itself was created and 18 years before Indiana achieved statehood!

In 1837, the vast majority of the congregation at Silver Creek chose to leave the Baptist denomination and to become an independent Christian congregation that has been known as Stony Point Christian Church since the mid-1800s.

For more than 200 years, this congregation has continued to offer a church home to men, women, young people and children of Clark County.  A place where everyone can feel loved and, more importantly, find salvation.

We invite you to join us on Sunday mornings.  Come visit us and see if Stony Point Christian Church offers what you're looking for in a church home.  We think you'll agree that the people of Stony Point are welcoming and loving and we look forward to meeting you!

What denomination is Stony Point?

Stony Point is a non-denominational Christian Church, which means our congregation is not aligned with an established denomination and we remain officially autonomous, subject only to the Word of God as set out in his Holy Bible.

The church itself is operated by a Church Board consisting of its Elders, Deacons, Trustees and other Church officers, all of whom serve Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and the members of this congregation.

We consider ourselves simply "Christians", products of the Restoration Movement of the early 1800s which led hundreds of congregations to separate themselves from "organized denominations" and to, instead, restore the Christian church based on the pattern set out in the New Testament, without regard to creeds developed by the Catholic Church or Protestant denominations.

Like other independent Christian churches, Stony Point tries to concentrate on the essential aspects of the Christian faith, allowing for a diversity of understanding with non-essentials, and focusing on the weekly celebration of the Lord's Supper on the first day of each week (Sunday) and a commitment to believers being baptized by full immersion in water.

For more information on the Restoration Movement and the important role which the congregation at Silver Creek and Stony Point played, see:



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